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behaviour change, engagement & motivation

digital therapeutics



Digitalization can make an important contribution to healthcare and we are working hard to realize this potential.
Yellow Riders converts proven therapies into Digital Therapeutics. 

The core of our work is to enrich the patient experience.


By using gameplay and mechanics we engage and motivate the patient to stay focussed and enlighten therapy 

The Digital Benefits:

Quality of Life for the patient and medical staff

Consistency of therapy protocols and policies

More data, more insights for better decisions

Approx 20% time reduction for the medical staff

Approx 20% faster recovery for patients

Digitalization of existing protocols or processes to standardize, improve, enhance and enrich your current therapies drastically.

Digitalization makes protocols and policies visible and measurable.

Call us for more information,

+31 (0)26-3527539 

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I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Confucius



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Give us a call if you like to know more: +31 (0)26-3527539, leave a message below or mail to hello at Thanks!

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