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As a creator of serious games, we use open systems, tools and software to provide the highest security levels and to be transparant about what data we use and what we do with it. As a serious games developer and producer we work together with academic hospitals and universities for scientific research and validation of our games to improve lives of our participants as our top priority. However, we and our science partners are aware that we are pioneers and have a different approach on improving processes in healthcare, health and lifestyle which can cause disappointments or might can harm people when expectations are not 100% communicated or interpreted. Therefore we do our utmost best to keep on improving our R&D processes and gameplay to achieve and accomplish what is at least expected but we aim for more.


Personal information as name, last name, email address and phone numbers from our games will be encrypted and physically separated from the original data source.

Activity data (details of behaviour when playing our games) will be linked to encrypted ID's for research. This activity data will be used for scientific research to reach the purpose of each specific game (e.g. change behaviour into healthy habits or train your focus skills to reach goals) depending of the purpose of the particular serious game.   

Following the European GPDR, when using one of our games you will be notified specifically what the privacy policy is, we do with your data, why and who will access that data for research.

Data from newsletter signups

Whenever you sign up for any of our newsletters with your name and email address, We securely store that information on our server. We only use this information to send you the occasional email, and do not share that information with anyone else. If you wish to withdraw your consent and signup, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email we send you or contact us, and we will remove all information we have of you.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

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